About Cuartito Azul
For more then twenty years now, the creative and well-known TangoClub Cuartito Azul in Rotterdam has been organising a wide range of tango activities. It's atmospheric and spacious place is based in the ZoHo quarter in a designers street 10 minutes walking from the Rotterdam train station. The place breaths a social, relaxed an vibrant enjoyment of the dance. Besides 5 evenings of courses, classes and regular milongas, Cuartito Azul organises practicas, workshops, performances and concerts.
Cuartito Azul co-operates with, among others, the department of Argentine Tango of the Rotterdam Conservatory / World Music and Dance Centre, concert-hall De Doelen, Staal Rotterdam Beursplein, Zalmhuis aan de Maas, the Swan Market, Rotterdam Festivals, The Dance Academy and De Parade Rotterdam.
About Tango
The Latin Tango, which originated in Buenos Aires and Montevideo, is an elegant dance with a wide range of expression. It has a clear structure and at the same time a great potential for improvisation. In the last 10 years or so, the dance as well as the music has undergone a very dynamic development coupled with a marked increase in popularity. In Cuartito Azul we embrace, practise and stimulate this development. What we avoid is fixation on closed sequences that only lead to endless repetition and the practice of stiff postures following old-fashioned rules. We teach and stimulate enjoyment of dance with a clear structure and technique, with pleasure and satisfaction, enabling you to create your own style, dynamics, musicality and sensuality.
The Classes
A starters course for absolute beginners will provide you with all the elements to begin your journey into dancing tango on any dance floor, in any city in the world! It is also a great way to taste the beauty of tango and then progress into the many different classes we offer at Cuartito Azul. We have very flexible modes in exchanging class / day when you are not able to attend your regular class or when you missed one.

The first course is called 'Basis-1'.
The follow-up is Basis-2 > Basis-3 > Intermediate courses > Advanced and Advanced(X) courses.
We offer 5 Basis-1 courses in the class scedule of Januari - April 2017. The new class schedule will be online end of November
You subscribe for one evening but you are welcome to jump in or double classes for free in other Basis-1 classes of the week. We offer this 'doubling for free' since we like to extra stimulate and motivate practise for students and make you enjoy tango even more. You can take advantage of this arrangement until the Intermediate levels.
In case you do not have a class mate please join our special and free test-lesson on
to be announced (see below), and/or register on the 'danspartner-gezocht-page' (looking for a class-partner-page). We will do our best to find and match a nice partner for you, but unfortunately we can not give guarantees about finding one, so taking effort yourself is recommendable.
The classes are partly in English in case of non-native speakers in the group.
Timetable Basis-1 courses:
Monday 20.00 - 21.00 start Januari 16
Wednesday 21.00 - 22.00 start Januari 18
Thursday 20.15 - 21.15 start Januari 19
Friday 21.00 - 22.00 start Januari 20
Are you interested in the more advanced classes? Then please check the time table (in Dutch).
The classes are (mainly) in English when there are non-native speakers in the group.
In case you have any questions just write us by e-mail
Free Trial classes and workshops
Check the dates and don't miss this opportunity to take your very first class and start loving tango!
Monday Januari 9: 20.00 - 20.45 free testclass
Wednesday Januari 11: 21.00 - 21.45 free testclass for 'singles' and couples
Thursday Januari 12: 20.15 -21.00 free testclass
Friday September 13: 21.00 - 21.45 free testclass
Monday Januari 16: 20.00 - 21.00 take the first class as a testclass
Wednesday Januari 18: 21.00 - 22.00 take the first class as a testclass
Thursday Januari 19: 20.15 -21.15 take the first class as a testclass
Friday September 20: 21.00 - 22.00 take the first class as a testclass
Would you like to step in later? You are also welcome. Please let us know by e-mail
Starters Workshop
Date to be announced Extended afternoon workshop for absolute beginners:
You will learn in one afternoon about the basics of Argentinian tango: the contact, the walk, basics improvisation, about the 'eight' (ochos) and the music. Following this workshop you will get a good first impression about tango and you are able to dance your first steps on the tango floor.
Time: 13.15 - 15.30 hrs.
Price: 17,50 per person, registration by couple by e-mail.
Participation allows you to get a discount of 10% on a Basic-1 course.
It is also possible to take a private test class. The costs are 45,- per person (1 teacher, for 1 hour). You can mail us for an appointment.

Registration - prices - payment
Registration for classes is with 2 people, through the registration page or the contact page.
Years of experience made us recently decide to no longer allow for the possibility to register for classes without a partner. It didn't work very well in practice, with unequal amounts of men and woman, changing set-up of participants during the course etc. Therefore registration is only per couple. But we do offer possibilities to find a class partner: via the free test lesson for 'singles' every start of the trimester or via the 'looking-for-a-classpartner page' on our web (Dutch). If you need any help or have any questions please write us
If you are looking for a dancing/class partner see also below (FAQ).
You can find the complete class schedule (in Dutch) at the class schedule.
Prices: Basis-1 course 120,- euros (student discount 25,-) for a complete course of 13 classes; 65,- for a short course of 6 classes.
Payment for courses is through bank giro IBAN: NL24ING B0006728381 of Tangoschool Cuartito Azul, mentioning your day+level, or cash only at the first lesson.
About practising and tango dancing events:
- Every evening the basement studio is free to practise/train for couples from 1 class exprience on. So without party ambiance (unless you make that your self:)
- A 'Practica' is an hour where couples practise by them selves and teachers are around to assist and answer questions. Sometimes the teachers offer a small nice sequences to work on classically.
- A 'salon' or 'milonga' is a (social) tango party for dancing. We organise a salon two times a month in the weekend, usually in the big room of Cuartito Azul, sometimes on a special spot, for example in Staal at the Beursplein or in het Zalmhuis near the Maas River. Sometimes there is live music, a guest-dj or a performance on a Salon. The length of time is 3/3.5 hours to 5 or 6 hours.
Usually the average dancer on the salon floor has a bit more experience then starting level.
- Oefenavond/ oefensalon: a salon for practising. But we encourage all dancers to come and practise every time when they can:) The usual Oefenavond in Cuartito is on Tuesdays at 21.45 hrs.. It is very nice to join, so feel welcome also when you just started tango. Sometimes there are live music intermezzi and special guest dj's. The length of time is 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours.
- Ones in a while Cuartito Azul organises a specific Salon for 'principiantes': for people with tango experience from one month up to 2.5 years. So no 'die heart' advanced dancers around and low threshold for beginners. Usually we give extra explanation about 'rules' and habits you might find in a regular salon, plus some fun and helpful exercises to get around the dance floor better.
- To start dancing you need to train and practise. You will enjoy tango more fully and find our how much you like it!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q.: I dont speak Dutch, will I be able to understand?
A: The classes are in english for foreign students, so you do not have to worry about the language.
Q: How can I find a dance partner?
A: In tango it is very normal to change partners at tango parties and in classes once in a while, but for most of the classes you do need a class partner. The best way to find someone is to ask around in your own environment. If you have found a potential tango partner, take him or her along to Cuartito Azul during class evenings, just to see the environment. We recommend this to everyone who considers starting classes in our school. Another possibility is to place an advertisement on our looking-for-a-classpartner page ('lespartner zoeken/aanmelden').
You can also write or call someone on the list to meet at the practising evening on Tuesdays, or a class evening on any other day, or to do a test lesson together (upcoming test lessons dates are on the Agenda).
Our experience is: If you try you will find someone... so don't sit waiting but take some action. You will benefit from it!
Q: What should I wear?
A: Something comfortable and (if possible) comfortable high heels shoes for women and for men shoes with not too thick leather soles.
Q: How many couples are there usually in each class?
A: The number varies from 6 to 14 in our big studio (12 x 9m), 6 to 10 in the smaller studio
(9 x 7m). For dancing parties our complete place can easily and comfortably accommodate up to 100 dancers.
Q: What can I do after the classes if I want to practise?
A: You can come to practise every weekday in our third studio for free, go to our weekly practise evenings on Tuesdays and Fridays and to our 'milonga's/'salons' 2 times every month on Sunday evening. Also check our agenda for special events.
Please let us know in case you have any questions:
E-mail: info@cuartitoazul.nl/ phone: (010) 452 73 77
  Cuartito Azul studios are located at the Schoterbosstraat 17, Rotterdam Centre (7 minutes walking from Central Station). See the locationmap (in Dutch).

Alle rechten voorbehouden Cuartito Azul, Rotterdam. Tel (010) 452 73 77
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