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Cuartito Azul

For more than twenty five years now, the creative and well-known TangoClub Cuartito Azul has been organizing a wide range of tango activities in Rotterdam. The studios are located in the upcoming and central ZoHo area. A welcoming venue where you can dance, enjoy music, meet new people and discover the richness of tango.

The vibe at Cuartito Azul is relaxed and the approach is personal. You can participate in classes, inspiring workshops, fun practice evenings and tango socials.

About the classes

About the dance

Argentinian Tango is a magical and social dance. It is about connection, interaction, improvisation, enjoyment and experience. With freedom in musical interpretation and a wide range in variation of beautiful movements. Tango at its origin filled a feeling of loneliness, and nowadays it still helps bring people together in an artistic encounter of self-expression.

Curious? Give it a try and join us on the dance floor!

Neo Tango

About the classes

A starters course (Basis-1) for absolute beginners will provide you with all the elements to begin your journey into dancing tango on any dance floor, in any city in the world. It is also a great way to taste the beauty of tango and then progress into the many different classes we offer at Cuartito Azul. We have very flexible modes in exchanging class / day when you are not able to attend your regular class or when you missed one.

Registration & free Tasters

Registration for classes is with 2 people through the registration page. We offer possibilities to find a class partner when you are solo. In this case please contact us by sending name, (approx) age, length and your possible class evening(s) through info@cuartitoazul.nl.

Of course you are welcome to do a trail first when you find someone in the group to pair up with for tango class. In tango it is common to dance with various dancers/students during parties, and (optional) regularly in the classes too.

The dates of the upcoming free Tasters (spring, autumn, winter) you can find in the Agenda.

If you have questions please write us: info@cuartitoazul.nl.

Frequently Asked Questions

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